Discussion panels
APALSA offers various panels throughout the school year on issues which members and the general student body might be interested in. Topics in the past have ranged from legal issues in East Asia to being a minority in the legal profession. Panels are comprised of professors, working attorneys, and students. APALSA often partners with other student organizations to offer a range of panels.

Mentor Programs
APALSA recognizes that 1L year can be daunting. Therefore, we offer a couple mentorship programs to help ease the transition. APALSA pairs upperclass law students with 1Ls to provide a forum for questions and advice. APALSA also helps 1Ls obtain a professional mentor through MAABA's mentorship program, to seek further advice on working life.

Book Exchange
Every law student needs study aids! APALSA will start a Book Exchange to help members exchange study guides and/or old textbooks.

Volunteering Activities
One of the best things student groups at Wash U can do is give back to the community. APALSA is coming up with ideas on how we as a group can volunteer on a regular basis. 

Social Activities
What would a student group be without fun? In the past, APALSA members have met for dim sum, gone bowling, and played Demolition Ball together.

Lunar New Year Happy Hour
APALSA is known for its spectacular Lunar New Year celebration where we offer the student body dragon dance performances, taiko, raffle drawings, and an array of traditional Asian foods to snack on. The next Lunar New Year is January 23rd, 2012. 

NAPALSA Annual Conference
NAPALSA is the national group with which Wash U's chapter is newly affiliated. NAPALSA holds an annual conference where Asian American law students gather to network and discuss relevant topics. The next conference is in Atlanta, GA on Nov. 17-20. 

MAABA Events & Activities
The Missouri Asian American Bar Association (MAABA) invites law students to join for free! Joining MAABA is a great way to meet working attorneys in the St. Louis metro area. The APALSA chapters of Wash U and St. Louis University are both involved in MAABA. 

Alumni Relations
APALSA is currently developing an alumni network to keep Wash U grads and former APALSA/AALSA members in touch with current members. 

APALSA is always open to new ideas. If you think of something APALSA could be involved in, please let us know!